Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy has grown in popularity during the pandemic and brings a fresh approach that suits many people better than the traditional therapy route.
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Although it is not a fitness session or an endurance test, walk and talk therapy does bring a different energy to sessions. Being physically active helps you feel less self-conscious, and can prompt new thoughts and ideas. Having said finding a quiet spot on a bench is perfectly ok too if you just want to get outdoors and take a breath of fresh air.
You lead the pace just like in any counselling session. Walking together side by side can feel more comfortable and a more natural way of sharing thoughts and feelings. It can be an introduction to counselling, followed up by more traditional therapy if you’re unsure about therapy. It can be a mix of traditional counselling and some sessions out in the fresh air or can be used as a transitional stage as you move towards finishing therapy.
uk approved Walk & Talk Therapy poole
Getting in touch with nature during therapy can naturally lower anxiety, depression and stress levels, and reduce anger but can also boost self-esteem and improve your memory and general well-being.
Walking outside can also help confront issues such as a fear of open spaces or anxieties in certain environments and can help ease you back into managing social situations. It is also an opportunity to practice mindfulness together if you wish but the focus is always on what works for you.

Walk and talk therapy helps increase the blood flow to the brain, insights can often pop up more easily and if you find you do need to stretch your legs a bit and get in a few extra steps then walk and talk therapy may just be a way of starting a new way of looking after yourself both emotionally and physically.

Furthermore, walk and talk therapy might feel good before or after sitting in an office all day or stuck behind the steering wheel in traffic. The fresh air can help you feel more grounded and can help slow your thoughts down so they are easier to process.

The first session takes place via zoom or in the counselling rooms where we can discuss what is best for you if the weather is bad or you simply are not feeling well enough for walking that day. We will also discuss issues of confidentiality, whether walk and talk counselling is right for you, and explore how to negotiate encounters with other people when out walking.

It is not for everyone but I like to give my clients different options and it can be an uplifting experience.