Online Counselling

An increasingly popular option for many clients who can’t make face-to-face counselling or coaching sessions is video/zoom. The pandemic has seen online counselling and coaching take off and there are many hidden benefits. 

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Online Therapy

My clients find it easier to fit sessions in around their busy schedules and online therapy is an hour of their time whereas face to face can add time they don’t really have to spare when taking into consideration driving, and finding a parking spot, and allowing time for traffic, bus, train schedules, etc. In fact, most of my counselling and coaching is online as clients do prefer it even those that started therapy face to face before the pandemic would rather stay online as it is so much more convenient and they still feel they get the same support they had during face to face meetings. The beauty of this approach is also that you’re able to attend sessions from the comfort of your own home or in a place you can get some peace and quiet at a time that suits you better. I have worked with several clients who live or work in Europe and worked with many clients from different counties, Scotland, and Wales therefore you can literally talk to me from anywhere in the world (subject to some limitations).

Some clients are sat outside having found a quiet spot to reflect, some have stretched out on the floor or in their garden and feel more relaxed and able to talk this way. Pets often seem to make an appearance and can be a comfort during sessions and there are often opportunities to show and talk about photos, mementoes that have personal meaning, so online counselling can feel more comfortable and takes the hassle out of fitting counselling into busy days.

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Online counselling is also of benefit if you have a disability, illness, or struggle with severe anxiety or depression as you may find it difficult to access face-to-face therapy.

Sessions can be arranged from 0800 up until 1900 on weekdays and 0800 -1300 on Saturdays.

Getting Started with Online Counselling

You will need a smartphone or computer with a webcam and microphone, but they are relatively inexpensive to buy to install on your current computer if you haven’t got one already. There can be the odd occasion when the internet speed causes problems but we can discuss a backup plan should that be a problem. I will send a link for zoom sessions which will take you through the process of downloading zoom if you haven’t got it already, but if you are not used to video calling or feel unsure about downloading zoom then I can talk you through the process. Alternatively, we can use face time if you have a smartphone.

Book in your free introductory online counselling session and try it out for yourself and see if it works for you.