Telephone Counselling

Phone therapy is not for everyone and it is different for sure but not inferior therapy in any way.
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Phone Counselling

Phone counselling and coaching, like online therapy, saves time and money commuting to and from appointments. Phone therapy allows you to receive counselling and coaching from the comfort of your own home, office, or any place that you can talk confidentiality without being interrupted and provides you with the ultimate level of anonymity. You are not tied to a specific location so if you can commit to therapy sessions without worrying about traffic, work, or family commitments preventing you from getting to a specific address on time.

The absence of a face-to-face relationship can feel less inhibiting and allows you to focus purely on your feelings and thoughts without distractions.
Although clearly not all non-verbal cues and senses are being used during phone therapy, phone counselling and coaching can heighten our auditory senses which enables us to focus purely on the tone of voice, the breath, silences, and the message they convey along with, of course, the spoken word.

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Phone counselling and coaching means you can access therapy even if you are housebound or have difficulty accessing therapy in town whether that be due to additional expenses, living in remote locations, or if you find that your current levels of stress, anxiety, and depression are preventing you from face to face therapy.
Phone therapy can be the beginning of your counselling and coaching journey leading on to face to face when you are ready or it can be used as a top-up session from time to time after you have gained enough from other therapy styles. It is also an alternative plan if walk and talk therapy is rained off or if you are for any reason unable to make it on time for face-to-face sessions. You can basically blend and flick between the different approaches (subject to location) so that you constantly receive the support you need in a way that suits your current circumstances.

Phone counselling and coaching is £35 per hour.