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Most of us struggle with breaking free of old habits. We get off to a good start, give it all we have got. Our mind is set on the prize and we feel determined to make it work but often drift back into the same old routines that we find comfort and familiarity in.

Even with the best intentions, it feels like hard work and a long slog to reach our goal. Eventually the old ways win, and we find ourselves back at square one with a tinge of guilt and sense of failure that sticks like mud.

You were committed at the beginning, your determination was admiral and your goal was more than achievable so what went wrong?

Your focus!

Your focus was set at the end target, is what went wrong. Re-focus, let go of the end goal, and focus on what you are able to achieve right now.

Make small lasting changes, ones that feel good and easy to blend into your current life. Cultivate a habit of making small changes that create a shift in your behaviour and overtime add up to create one massive change without you even feeling punished or missing out on anything.

Let go of your expectations, the end goal, the grand finale and refocus on what you can do right now.

Make lasting changes to your life style, changes that work for you and most importantly don't feel like a punishment or failure.

Think about it. Imagine jumping on the scales and finding you have lost 1lb but have been working like a dog. In your head you calculate how little weight you have lost after all that hard work and how much more you still have to go. Feel shit — right?

Maybe you are wanting a new career so embark on studying. Imagine your tutor dumping 4 years of course work on your desk on the first day of the course - heart sank? Enthusiasm went out the window? Left feeling like a failure already and you haven't even got off the starting block.

Have a goal in mind by all means but then let go of it and re-focus on what you are able to achieve right now, today, this very minute and commit to it.

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with Nicky Vallance




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