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Being yourself - Part Two

Fifth, "Set the pace."

Go at a pace that works for you both, that you are comfortable with.

Some are way ahead of you and some way behind where you are at.

It is a tricky one to manage, but if the relationship is worth persuing it is worth the effort.

Sixth, " Be fully present."

It is a buzz word at the moment and can be a lot to get your head around to master this one but it makes a massive difference to your life and your relationships.

It isn't always possible and jobs, responsibilities will always take our attention away at times but it is imperative that we can switch off the outside world, the worries, the ruminating, the long to do list and just be there for the other person and for ourselves. It can bring a relationship to life, create depth, meaning and bring a spark to the relationship.

Seventh, " Trust your gut instinct."

We all have a sense of what is right or wrong but often find it conflicts with our head and emotional state.

Learning to separate the three and respond to that inner voice that knows what's best for us is amazing and enlightening.

Eighth, " Know when its time to walkway."

When you have done all you can and done your best by them and yourself and it still isn't working then it is time to call it a day. You can only do your best and if they aren't playing ball then the best thing you can do for you both is walk away.

That can be a devastating decision to make but staying may do more harm than good even with the best intentions.

Some people just don't get you or you them and thats ok.

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with Nicky Vallance




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