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No Sorries for Tears.

No sorries needed for tears. Crying is truly a sign of strength.

You are in touch with your emotions and able to allow them to take over, releasing the negative energy.

Holding on to negative energy leaves us stressed, tense and can lead to many physical and mental health problems.

We are often taught from an early age to hide our emotions both directly and indirectly, and we learn to protect our ego and the person inside. The person inside is our true-self and has been taught to hide.

Time to stop hiding.

Learning mindfulness to take a step back for a moment, or as long as you can, to just sit with your thoughts and allow your emotions to flow is a wonderful gift you can give yourself on the journey of self-development.

It's not just about tears; it's about you and what you are feeling right now and being true to yourself 'in the moment.' Those emotions will tell you what you need to do right now.

So, embrace your feelings without shame or apology. It's good for you.

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with Nicky Vallance




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