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Ma autopilot needed a serious reboot this morning.

It's amazing how much we rely on it and we wouldn't get much done if we didn't save so much to our hard drives and let them run the programme in the background.

However, rewiring our brains can be hard work and can take us by surprise when we find, like me today, autopilot has kicked in and overridden the new programme.

Often we have mastered the core skills and think we have broken free from past patterns, only to find something sends us flying back to square one. Leaving us feeling like a failure and often reinforcing our self-doubt, so we give up trying.

It takes awareness, commitment, practice and patience to change habits and a little bit of forgiveness when we revert to old habits but it is possible to change our ways.

Most importantly, don't over load yourself. Small changes are easier to master and will give you that motivational boast that fails quickly when we take on too much in one go. One small change at a time and you will soon reap the rewards of their combined results. Celebrate the small successes, enjoy yourself, and never ever punish yourself by denying yourself anything.

As soon as we tell ourselves we are not allowed something, we set ourselves up for the fall. It is all that we can think of and obsess about. The art is to simply to find other things that you enjoy more, but also that you choose to do. Weighing up what you want to achieve and working out how you are going to do it without punishing yourself and attempting to be someone that you are not.

Reboot now in progress.

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with Nicky Vallance




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