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When The Rug Gets Pulled.

When the rug gets pulled from under your feet, you will be sent crashing to the floor. You will be shocked, hurt and disorientated and, depending on how hard the fall, it may take some time to heal and get yourself back on your feet. Our emotions are no different and need the same understanding and nurturing as any physical fall.

​​Be kind to yourself, give yourself time to recover without telling yourself off for falling in the first place or not being back on your feet quick enough.

We need time to catch our breath and get back on our feet.

Time to reflect.

Time to heal.

Time to learn from the experience.

Time to plan a new way forward and minimise the risk of falling again.

If someone else is struggling, the best thing you can do is offer them a helping hand, let them know you are there but give them the space they need to gather their thoughts and just be until they are ready to get back up on their own or accept your hand.

Counselling and coaching offer emotional support during difficult times to stop you falling further

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with Nicky Vallance




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