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Fear of Rejection

Fear of rejection can stop us in our tracks. Why do we fear rejection?

We fundamentally want to be loved, accepted and valued.

So assume we are not good enough when we are rejected by others or judged by them. We worry that other people will feel the same way so shape our lives to protect ourselves, we shrink, we hide, put on our invisibility cloak so we don't ever have to feel the pain of rejection. We shape our world around others needs, becoming less and less like ourselves in the hope we will be included and fit in.

But we sell ourselves short by becoming something we are not, just to avoid rejection. We live another life, one that doesn't suit us.

So if you feel like 'a square peg in a round hole,' then it's time to review what is going on and what you 'really' need.

Not everyone will like us, or agree with us or share the same dreams. Some will think they are better than us, more worthy than us but we all stand equal, we all fear rejection and maybe just maybe that's their way of seeking acceptance from you, to make you want to hang around and need them in your life.

If you don't fit in then, it's telling you very clearly that you are wanted somewhere else.

Let go, 'the gap' will be filled, and you will, naturally, be drawn, to where you are supposed to be, loved and accepted just as you are.

with Nicky Vallance




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